Nov 15, 2023
Age of Central Texas, Blair Loaiza

Blair Loaiza, Vice President of Development at AGE of Central Texas, is a dynamic and dedicated professional who has journeyed from being an unpaid intern to a vital leader within the organization. Blair's profound passion for caregiving was ignited by her personal experience as a devoted caregiver for her own mother, which led her to pursue a career dedicated to supporting and improving the lives of older adults.

Blair's commitment to AGE of Central Texas is not only rooted in her personal caregiving experience but also in her deep understanding of the importance of the organization's mission. She believes in empowering older adults and their families to age with dignity and grace, and she has made it her life's work to champion this cause.

One of Blair's standout strengths is her ability to foster and nurture corporate relationships. She derives immense satisfaction from cultivating partnerships with businesses and organizations that share AGE of Central Texas's vision of creating a better quality of life for seniors. Her skill in building these relationships has been instrumental in securing critical support and resources for the organization, enabling it to expand its reach and impact within the community.

Blair’s journey from intern to Vice President of Development is a testament to her unwavering dedication to the cause of caregiving and her remarkable talent for cultivating meaningful partnerships. Her efforts and genuine compassion have made her an asset to AGE of Central Texas, helping the organization continue its vital work in improving the lives of older adults and their families.

Blair Loaiza

Vice President of Development