Amy Temperly, CEO & Owner of Aging is Cool
The goal of Aging is Cool is to help older adults live a full and active life.a hobby. For over 30 years, Amy Temperley has committed her work to improving the lives of older adults in some form or fashion. Amy and her husband, Damien, started Aging is Cool in 2006 with the goal to help older adults live a full and active life. Their vision from the beginning was to create the types of classes and experiences that they themselves would want in their later years. With nearly 50 years of combined experience working with older adults, the Temperleys and their team create and provide programming to help older adults play, grow, contribute, and learn throughout their lifespan, wherever they live or gather.
Older adults are the happiest people in the world…age 44-45 is the least happy.  Older people are better at adapting to situations.  Older workers are actually more productive than younger workers. They are more reliable and consistent.  
We are living longer and healthier lives.  People are working and contributing longer.  Four key things to aging successfully
•    Physically activity - need a routine and all you have to do is to move the body such as walking, dancing, yoga, hiking, fitness classes.
•    Cognitive activity - do something new, cross body movements, puzzles, exercise, eat well and get enough sleep.
•    Meaning and Purpose - have a reason to get up every day such as hobbies, self-actualization, volunteering spirituality or employment.
•    Social Interaction - Loneliness and isolation are the new health crisis. Being isolated is the health equivalent of smoking ½ pack of cigarettes each day. Join book Clubs, support groups, virtual reality groups, online classes, dating sites, community groups, senior centers & libraries, faith-based congregations, and group classes.  Attitude impacts your health a lot, as much as 7.5 years difference.
Aging is Cools provides in-home sessions, classes at facilities and virtual reality sessions.  They also provide summer and fall camps that are just like the summer camps that children go to…cabins with bunk beds, games, songs by the fire pit at night.  There will be one in October located in Wimberly. 
Amy Temperly