• Shirley---Patti Harrison and Rick Collins have both contracted COVID!
  • Shirley—Satch Nanda was on vacation last week…and got poison ivy (all over!)  and car trouble on the way home.
  • Jeff Christner—contributed in honor of Steve Batlin, Allison’s husband who passed away on July 15.  He was such a servant to Rotary particular with respect to his restaurant Dan McKluskey’s
  • Jim McComb—also honored Steve Batlin.   He and Steve worked the RYLA lunch one year, and Steve taught him how to stir-fry vegetables, a recipe Jim still uses
  • Mickey Powers—also re: Steve---when he retired and couldn’t work, he asked to come help at Mickey’s soup kitchen.  He would meet the residents and converse with them and the cook, all who appreciated the interaction.  Steve enjoyed serving
  • Shirley Diepenbrock---Allison Batlin set a stellar example for all of us in her care for Steve.  She kept him home and balanced her life for a very long time in his care.
  • Jenny Turney—reported that Amber Scarborough’s father had a massive stroke on Monday.   There is brain damage, however, he seemed to recognize family.   Amber has gone to Lubbock to be with him.   Please keep him, Amber and the family in your prayers.