In a powerful display of community support, the South Austin Rotary Club orchestrated a dynamic clothing drive throughout the entire month of November. The mission? To rally behind the Men's Clothes Closet, a vital ministry of the United Methodist Men of Austin.

Our members leapt into action, contributing a diverse array of items from rugged blue jeans to cozy sweatshirts, and essential hats and gloves. Every donation was a tangible gesture aimed at assisting the men served by the clothes closet.

During our regular meetings, members passionately brought forth both used and new items, creating a dynamic collection that mirrored the warmth of our collective spirit. Jim McComb, a dedicated member actively involved with the clothes closet, personally transported these donations to the heart of the ministry.

But this is only the beginning. Our commitment to this noble cause doesn't end with November. Members pledge to continue donating to the Men's Clothes Closet, ensuring a sustained flow of support whenever there are items to spare.

This initiative turned out to be more than just a charitable act; it became a transformative experience for our members. It provided an opportunity to declutter and repurpose items that were no longer needed, ensuring they found new purpose in the hands of those who truly required them.

South Austin Rotary Club extends a fervent call to action to all clubs in Austin. Join us in this impactful movement and consider donating your clothing to the Men's Clothes Closet. Together, let's amplify the impact of our collective generosity and make a lasting difference in the lives of those who need it most.