Becoming a Member of South Austin

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There are two parts to becoming a member of the club.

Step One Red Badge

The First step is to become a Red Badge Member.  This program is designed for you to learn more about Rotary.  It also allows you get to know your fellow Rotarians and helps us get to know you.  We believe this helps you become more involved in the club and get the most out of your membership.

To apply for Red Badge you must:

1. Attend 3 meetings and complete the application for membership.  This application will be reviewed by the board of directors and once approved; you will be invited to join the Red Badge Program.

2. Upon this invitation you will be require to pay an initiation fee of  $50 to the Treasurer.

Step Two Blue Badge

The Next Step is to earn your Blue Badge and official membership in the Club.  In order to move through the Red Badge Program you will need to choose any 3 of the action items listed below to complete. The Red Badge Program is designed to last no longer than 3 months.   During this time there are many people here to help guide you, so please just ask if you have any questions.

Select any 3 of the Action Items: 

1. Be a greeter for four weeks. Arrive early and meet and greet all attending Rotarians and guests.

2. Attend a Board of Directors meeting. These meeting are held on the 1st Monday of each month, or will be posted on the club calendar, or you can ask a board member when & where the next one will be held.

3. Attend another club’s meeting. Present the Executive Secretary with a duly signed card from another Rotary Club. The times and locations are listed on the website of Rotary International. This can also count as a make-up meeting.

4. Give a classification talk. Talk to the club briefly (no longer than 2 minutes) about your classification, including your career, family, etc. Schedule this with the club president.

5. Introduce yourself to 5 Rotarians and learn their classification and service projects they have participated in.  Report to the Membership Director.

6. Set up a time to meet with 2 members of the club at their place of business.   Report to the Membership Director.


Once you have completed all 3, you will meet with the Membership Director and at that time pay your first installment of dues $100.   This will be applied to the following January or July payment closest to your completion date.   After this the Membership Director will work with you and the Club President to schedule your installation as an official member of the club.