Membership Obligations

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Membership is by invitation, and active members are encouraged to submit nominations to the Board of Directors.  We welcome guests and visitors to our meetings and hope you'll take the time to learn about Rotary and our club.

We seek community service oriented individuals who have demonstrated expertise within their profession, performed ethically in and out of the workplace, and filled or shown potential for filling leadership positions.

The Rotary year is from July-June.

Initiation Fees: $50 (Red Badge)

Annual Dues: $200

Dues may be paid in full by June 1st each year or can be broken down into two semi-annual payment paid by June 1st and January 1st.   Our retired Rotarians do qualify for a reduced dues rate of $160/year or two $80 semi-annual payments.

RI Foundation: $100 Voluntary Donation

We encourage all members to become Sustaining Foundation members and eventually Paul Harris Fellows.  The sustaining program requires a $100/year commitment to the Paul Harris Foundation.  The South Austin Rotary Club strives to be an EREY Club, which stands for Every Rotarian Every Year.  This distinction means that as a club our contribution to the RI Foundation averages $100 per every member of the club.  This is an optional contribution and is not a requirement of being a member of the club.

Weekly Meetings: $10 to attend / $15 for lunch

The club does offer a monthly meal plan which helps tremendously for those who come to have lunch every week.  It is $50/month and is a saving of $10 per month for a 4 week month.

Galindo: $20

This is typically paid in the month of your birthday and all proceeds go directly to the partnership we have with Galindo Elementary.


Rotary International requires 50% attendance at club meetings.  Participation in committee meetings and service projects and makeup meetings with other clubs are credited towards your attendance requirement, so you will have ample opportunity to meet the goal.  Many Rotarians strive for 100% attendance and again, because of the ability to earn makeup meetings, this is a very attainable goal. 


The final requirement is to enjoy being a Rotarian.  You won't meet a nicer group of people than Rotarians, and our service projects are making a difference.  Once you learn what you've become a part of you'll thank your sponsor and find yourself thinking about who you want to introduce to Rotary.

If you are new to Rotary you will find the Rotary Basics publication an interesting read.