Rick Collins, SARC President,  presented principal Romero with a $1000 check from the club.  The funds will be used to support the school’s library and literacy program.

Galindo Elementary School was named for Emma H. Galindo, an endeared teacher who taught languages.  The enrollment is 433 and is 87% Hispanic and 89% Economically disadvantaged and 65% English language learners.  There are 12 different languages spoken.  Galindo has many programs such as early childhood, social behavior, life skills, SCORES , DHI  and SO4.  
Their goals are student outcome, student growth, green learning, align sEL Responses, Student Self Regulate and Global Beliefs. .Some of the hands-on experience programs are plants & garden, honey bees, monarch butterflies, trees, school yard, garden pollination and seven chickens that lay 12-18 eggs daily and two pigs.  
The presentation concluded with a heartwarming video of the children saying “Thank you” in several languages including sign language!