It is time for March Madness! We are doing a NCAA Men's basketball pool this year as a fundraiser. Cost to enter is $25 for each entry and you may enter more than once. 50% of entry fees will be kept by our club as a fundraiser. The remaining 50% will be divided out between the 1st and 2nd place winners. The amount awarded to winners will be determined once we know how many entries we have. 
No prior knowledge of basketball required. Pick by favorite school, mascot or seed (lower the seed # the better the team). 
Feel free to invite friends and family to join. You can give Jim your money this Wednesday. And, if you don't want to play but still want to contribute to the fundraiser, please let Jim know that and he will add the funds to the pool. You may contribute more than the entry fee is you so choose.
To play click on the link below that says "visit pool." It will take you to CBS Sports. From there you will set up a free account. Then, you will make your picks. If you have trouble and need help, feel free to call Jenny 512-698-7371 or Shirley at 620-480-0279. Jenny will bring her laptop to the meeting on Wednesday and she can help you enter your picks. 
Link is below: 
Thanks for playing and contributing!